Filmmaker Guillermo Barreira

I recently had a chance to see a short movie called Dollhouse by Guillermo Barreira and recommend it to everyone. Here are some short movies, trailers and links to his movies and photography. For more movies and art by Guillermo Barreira check out IMDB and Codebreaker Productions, also on facebook.

Trailer for the Dollhouse/Casa de Muñecas:

Burking from Guillermo Barreira on Vimeo.

Videoart piece

Original idea by Manuel Martorell

Filmmaking by Guillermo Barreira

Player: Pilar Sampedro.

Art: Mónica Ramón y Cassandra Ripoll

buking by Guillermo Barreira Pérez is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License.

From upcoming webseries Choosing Fate:
Choosing Fate Trailer

Stills from Dollhouse:

Cuello Guillermo Barreira

Dollhouse2 Guillermo Barreira

Dollhouse3 Guillermo Barreira

Dollhouse4 Guillermo Barreira

Dollhouse5 Guillermo Barreira

Guillermo has done some great photography series, check out these;

Urban Pin-Up


Urban Pin-Up Monica C

Guillermo Barreira - Filmmaker

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