12 Books that should be made into movies

12 great books that should be made into movies.

dog eat dog
Edward Bunker: Dog Eat Dog
Crime and escape story

Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle: Inferno
Story about a man who dies and ends in hell. He decides to follow Dante’s roadmap to find a way out.

Charles Bukowski: Pulp
Pulp fiction with a twist.

you cant win jack black
Jack Black: You Can’t Win
Autobiography by Jack black. Book about his experiences wanderer and burglar. The book was a bestseller in 1926.

Jack Kerouac: On the Road
Road trips, jazz, poetry, drugs and beat generation.

naiv super
Erlend Loe: Naive. Super
Great and funny book about a 25 year old who loses his interest in life.

Roald Dahl: My Uncle Oswald
Funny, amusing adult novel.

Stephen King: The Dark Tower Boxed Set (Books 1-4)
Gunslingers quest to find the dark tower.

Franz Kafka: The Metamorphosis
Traveling salesman wakes up to find himself transformed into a vermin. Isn’t that a great story for a movie?

education of a felon
Edward Bunker: Education of a Felon: A Memoir

The Bachman Books : Four Early Novels by Richard Bachman (Rage)

The Bachman Books : Four Early Novels by Richard Bachman (The Long Walk)

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  1. As much as I love “Metamorphosis” and prize Franz Kafka as a writer, adapting it into a film is a terrible idea. Do you know how often Hollywood misses the nail on its head when adapting notable literature into films? Plus, it’s a good excuse for lazy people not to pick up such literature and read it. They’ll never understand the importance of such a short story, the allegory, symbols, and motifs without picking up the book itself. Kafka would be rolling in his grave if it was done.

    As for Stephen King, his novels are written for paychecks. They’re meant to be turned into films. Other writers like Kerouac and Bukowski, just simply need to be read in order to be understood, appreciated, and enjoyed.

  2. True, people should read more books instead of watching movies, but still it would be nice to see Metamorphosis in big screen…If that would make Kafka roll in his grave would be a plus, maybe he’d get up and write again = ). Unfortunately too many people think that Stephen King writes only for pay checks, I think he’s underappreciated as a writer.

  3. Jose Carlos Somoza’s the Art of Murder, it is pure Hollywood material, even though it’s not a classic like On the Road of Metamorphosis.

  4. Thank you for recommending, I’m going to read it.

  5. The Dark Tower series has been on the drawing board for years. Sadly it’s such a complex and epic saga that noone’s had the balls to take it on yet, which I appreciate. If it’s going to be put on the big screen, it’s got to be the best Stephen King adapted film of all time to show the series the respect it deserves.

  6. I really hope they will make The Dark Tower books into series of movies in the near future.

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