Me and boundaries – Haruna Kawanishi – Tokyo-Ga meets OSAKA 2013

Haruna Kawanishi‘s “Me and boundaries” and other works can be seen at Tokyo-Ga meets OSAKA 2013 exhibition at Umeda Hankyu department store 9F art stage from 13th of February until 19th of February.

Me and boundaries Haruna Kawanishi Photography

“me and my boundaries”

These are selected pieces from a series of 30 photographs.

This particular series is describing communication.

The condition of our lives are depending on “what we have already given.”

We can not choose which country we were born, who our parents will be,
or the make up of our physical composition and intelligent skills.
These things are given to us by nature.

Our only choice is to make the best out of our given resources and try
to achieve our best performance.

This series is trying to express characters who are trying to find
themselves in an unforgettable situation where value is destroyed and
all things become meaningless without loosing their humanity.

Haruna Kawanishi Photography Me and boundaries

Haruna Kawanishi Photography
Tokyo-Ga meets OSAKA 2013

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