Sexy and funny

Funny and sexy striptease with a surprise. Just watch and see for yourself, enjoy.

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  1. Very funny!!!!

  2. That is a CLASSIC VIDEO it is so original. I would love to be able to send it to my friends via

    How could I go about that

    Keep up the good work it is original & very funny

    It was such a surprise when I first viewed it a month ago. Now I have come across it again


  3. Yeah I like it too,
    well you could always send the link to the post for your friends = )

  4. I am 16 years old boy and in love with a girl of 15. I fell in love just by looking with her during tution classes.
    Soon I notice here name. Afterwards when i went to ask to her name wether or not her name was just the same i notice. All of sudden she said in rude ” Who swati, my name is not swati ?”. She Ignored me and went away.
    Now the Suituation has become such that i am afraid to come to tution class. What Shall I do?

  5. Maybe not the best place to ask for advice, but.. Just keep going on forward, loves/crushes come and go, no need to worry, life goes on.

  6. Am about 35 yrs & working with nigeria federal gov, Bsc Acct need beautful girl of 25 to 32, educated as house wife

  7. you bastard! stop it!!

  8. Hahahahaha!! That was awesome! Thanks for such a fun site!

  9. OMGosh, that parental control guy is cool. Interactive too, I love it…

  10. What does the “Tela Cheia” button do?

  11. Good question since it doesn’t seem to be doing anything. I think it’s the name of the company that made the clip, but I don’t know why it doesn’t lead anywhere.

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